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Palace Sauce Zesty Garlic Seasoning

Vampires beware - our Zesty Garlic Seasoning is about to put you on notice. Perfect for making your taste buds sit up and take notice, we’ve taken garlic, onions, and a zesty proprietary blend of seasonings and packed WHOA into a bottle. Bright, mouthwatering flavors are packed into every drop, jazzed up with that Palace Sauce goodness you already know and love. Trust us, this tasty secret ingredient is just the thing for shaking on some serious savory goodness - it’ll have you gar-licking the plate!


  • Like all the most amazing things to come out of a kitchen, this beautiful blend starts off with garlic and onions for some truly savory satisfaction.
  • Like our fans always say - a little goes a long way! We even put a dash of lemon oil into this tasty garlic sauce for a pop of bright flavor, right at the end.
  • Drizzle, dip, or make it a marinade - we’re confident you’ll love garlic even more from the very first time the cap comes off.